PB & Shaq

PB & Shaq is a Feed The Children fundraiser focused on collecting jars of peanut butter benefiting American families in need.

As his size 22 shoes above attest, Shaq is a big man … with a big heart. His project with Feed The Children, PB & Shaq, is a live fundraising event “charging” jars of peanut butter as admission. Multiple thousands of peanut butter have been collected and redistributed to families in need.

In addition to collateral design, our key role in PB & Shaq was to design a jar to be presented, with Shaq’s shoe, to the American Peanut Council’s 13th Annual U.S.A. Peanut Congress in Washington DC.

Shaq has an extensive track record of giving back to communities in need around the globe. He’s just an extraordinary human being.

Scope of Work


Collateral Materials

Think Positive.

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