Brand Development


CA23 is a sleek, architecturally innovative, 48-unit building in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago

Coming off a successful first season of Metroscene, a luxury lifestyle television show based in Chicago, we took on branding and marketing duties for a new residential development called CA23. Located on Carpenter and Aberdeen, CA23 was to be a sleek, modern building targeting young, upwardly mobile singles and couples. After establishing the positioning statement Life Begins Here, we produced a short film to generate depth, separation, and buzz. The film runs in reverse, revealing a story that begins in the kitchen.

(L to R) Logo, Casting/Final, DVD Menu

Life Begins Here. We loved the positioning statement. We know the home is much more than steel and glass – it’s the baseline. It’s where we begin our days, start our families, dream our dreams. Personal. Intimate. Beautiful. That’s how we wanted people to see CA23.

Scope of Work

Brand Development

Logo Design

Collateral Materials

Short Film – Creative, Casting, Production

Art Direction


Think Positive.

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